The Revortex employees design, build, test and sell our Hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic shock-absorbers, Hydraulic components and systems.

Our extremely competitive identity is summarized in the following motto:


These are the three features that all our products and services have.

Our products and systems are addressed to the world market.


Revortex components and systems are completely innovative.

The innovative features of our products are their power and their competitiveness in the world market.

Revortex is innovative because we provide our customers with easy access to our products and services

  • It is easy to place orders to Revortex;
  • It is easy to collaborate with Revortex and find solutions for each application;
  • It is easy to get custom-made cylinders for every application, piston accumulators, gear and piston pumps, gear and piston motors, cetop and cartridge valves, hydraulic systems
  • It is easy to get information about the order status;
  • It is easy to receive our products all over the world.


Our Hydraulic Accumulators, hydraulic shock-absorbers, hydraulic cylinders, components and systems are designed in order to achieve superior performances.

  • We design our cylinders, hydraulic accumulators and all hydraulic components with superior resistance to yielding and deformation.
  • We produce our hydraulic components and systems considering all relevant parameters.
  • Our components and systems ensure reliable operations in the most extreme environmental conditions.
  • Use at low and high temperatures.

In Revortex, we achieve high performance in all aspects of our business.

  • Fast delivery times for our standard components
  • Quick answers to your inquiries
  • Online checking of order status
  • Close cooperation with the customers for innovative technical solutions
  • Shipping and delivery all over the world


The durability and reliability of hydraulic accumulators, Hydraulic components and systems ensure the integrity and long-lasting quality of your machinery.

Revortex builds strong and durable relationships with its customers.


REVORTEX GLOBAL PARTNER – Hydraulic Cylinders, Piston accumulators, Gear and piston pumps, Gear and piston motors, Cetop or cartridge valves, Hydraulic systems.

Revortex “Global Hydraulic Solutions”, it’s explicable through two different aspects and overviews.

  • Revortex provides solutions for every need, producing the entire hydraulic components range and systems for each sector and application.
  • Revortex reachs the customers with own products, all over the world, in order to support their business.

“Global Hydraulic solutions” We support our customers wherever they are, with our high quality hydraulic products and systems